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Paintings Restoration Service Houston

paintngs retoration service Houston   paintngs restoration services Houston 








paintngs restoration service Houston

Paintings restoration service Houston is a good description.

We are also conservators.

Suggestion… take a look at the testimony areas of the website. You will see that we restore antique paintings in Houston and beyond.

We not only do restoration for galleries, auction houses and collectors, but we also do oil painting restoration for individuals.

Do you have fine art paintings that are the dirtiest items in your home?

Perhaps you have some fine art paintings in closets or in the garage, attic or storage because they are in such a bad condition. Now might be the time to get those paintings with tears and flaking, restored… Perhaps they just need cleaning and re-stretching. We can help.

It might be a good idea to get them in a restored condition for the next generation.

If you are thinking about price, we aren’t the least expensive in town or the highest. We are the oil painting restoration company with fair prices and a pristine reputation. 

Our only caution to you would be that if you get an inexpensive restorer or try to fix your painting yourself, you may be taking a great risk with an irreplaceable art asset.




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