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Art Restoration Houston – Oil Paintings

If you are needing picture restoration, Life on the Wall is here to help! Art restoration, Houston, is our passion!  If you need art restoration, you know that you can trust someone who will supply you with more referrals than you probably have time to contact!

Cleaning an oil painting is just the beginning of what we can do for you. There is just about no limit to how we can help you to repair your painting! Missing canvas, torn painting, flaking painting, etc., no problem!

Don’t ask us how to clean a painting! We use many different solutions and our own “cocktails” depending on many factors such as age, material, varnish type, type of grime, etc., etc..

If you need to repair oil painting and frame, we can do both!

We are a full service antique restoration service for oil paintings.

Restoring oil paintings is a slow and tedious process and you should beware of the risk of going with the lowest bid. Our advice? Go for the oil painting restoration company with a great reputation!

Restoration of paintings takes not just a skill, but giftings to be able, in some cases, to match the palette, texture, and artistic style of the original artist!

Restore paintings and future generations will have valuable heirlooms to enjoy with their families.

Restoring old paintings should include the element of conservation. Your paintings should be cleaned a minimum of every 50 years with the process of removing old varnish, correcting other any age related issues and re-varnishing.

We also do antique frame restoration and antique picture frame restoration.


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