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Repair Painting Houston Texas

Repair painting houston

We have partially cleaned this painting to show you what cleaning can do.

Repair Painting Houston Texas

Leaving a Piece of Fine Art History for Future Generations

Maris Salmins, a fine art restoration expert and artist in Houston, Texas, knows that to trust someone with your treasured family art means a great deal. Maris greets each fine art restoration project with respect to the art and the sentimental value that each piece holds.

Here are a couple excerpts from clients he has received after restoring an heirloom fine art piece:

“I am glad Mr. Salmins encouraged me to save my fine art oil painting. Otherwise, sad to say, it was going to be gone. I am so glad he helped me preserve my art to pass on to future generations.”

“His careful attention to preserving the original oil paintings integrity is precise. I wanted the piece to be as it was intended.”

Another client had a fine art oil painting that was passed on to him by his great great grandmother. The client was thrilled with the art restoration and the intentional care that went into preserving this artistic heritage for the family.

Just because your fine art oil painting may have been through rough times, including water damage or has been stored in the attic for the last 30 years, it doesn’t mean it still doesn’t have value for future generations.

Preserve Your Family’s Fine Art History by
● Having your fine art oil painting cleaned of old, dark and yellowing varnish or re-varnishing.
● Correcting the flaking, peeling paint without compromising the original integrity of the oil painting.
● Stabilizing a loose, cracked or chipped layer.
● Repairing the oil painting after water damage.
● Removing grimy layers of dirt, dust, smoke and time.
● Repairing tears, cuts, holes, scratches in old canvases.
● Restoring the vibrant coloring by having your fine art professionally cleaned.

Life on the Wall fine art restoration and repair in Houston, Texas, is dedicated to helping you preserve your family’s fine art legacy and restore new life into your oil paintings so that future generations will enjoy them. Mr. Salmins applies his many years of artistic skill, knowledge, and passion to each art restoration project.

Maris says, “I care for and treat each fine art piece as one of my own.”

Contact Life on the Wall at 713-984- 0278 or info@lifeonthewall.net

Some of our most valuable legacies and memories that we leave behind are not the trust account, but the oil painting that Great Grandma Mary had in her dining room.


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