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Fine Art Restoration – Houston


Is there a line in the restoration process where you stop or continue working even when it goes against restoration ethics? How can a restorer have the “nerve” to recreate other artist’s works?

I saw this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2J2dByE3_wg and my first impression was horror. How could he be doing what he did? He was unnecessarily painting over the original paint where it was absolutely not necessary.  But then I remembered that this was his painting! He was the artist. 

What is the lesson here? 

  • Just as there are borders around the damages in a painting, there are borders in restoring other people’s artwork.
  • Sometimes artists who are not restorers, may be able to do something to make a damaged painting appear “repaired” but the original artist’s work is changed and loses its authenticity and value.
  • It is always correct to learn a code of ethics and to stick to it.



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