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Craquelure – Clean Oil Paintings – Paintings Restoration – Houston

craquelure clean oil paintings Houston

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“Maris, the work you do means a lot. I am glad you helped me to decide to save something that may have otherwise been gone. Preserving old art is important. I like the way the colors are visible but that it still keeps to the muted shades of the low daylight.  I can see your attention to preserving the original piece, which is good because I did not want it to be something different than the way the work was intended to be seen, if that makes sense.”

Craquelure – Clean Oil Paintings – Paintings Restoration – Houston

This is a testimony from one of my recent clients. He inherited this 19th century oil painting. If you have had doubts or are in the middle of the process of making a decision about getting your painting or paintings restored, I hope it will encourage you to give us a call at 713-984-0278 or to send an email to info@lifeonthewall.net to set up an appointment with us.

As you can see, I also have many video testimonies.

It doesn’t matter whether you need oil painting restoration in Houston or even beyond. We have many clients outside of Houston.

Maris Salmins is an oil painting restorer who has more references than you may have time to contact. 

We can restore oil paintings that

  • Have unprofessional overpainting
  • Need to be cleaned
  • Have flaking
  • Have tears
  • Have missing paint
  • Have been scratched
  • Have smoke damage
  • Have punctures
  • Have had liquid damage
  • Have had water damage
  • Need to be stretched
  • Need old varnish removed and new varnish applied
  • Need craquelure reduced
  • Have been damaged by unskilled restorers
  • Have been damaged by homemade restorations
  • Etc., Etc. 

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