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Clean Oil Paintings – Houston


Art collectors in Houston rave over clean oil paintings. Paintings restoration is a key service from Life on the Wall. Simply put, dirty paintings are unappealing and can make a room leave an impression of being dirty. But cleaning oil paintings doesn’t involve a bucket of water and suds, it requires a keen eye and meticulous work. You must know the in’s and outs of oil painting restoration or you may experience a painting restoration fail with over-cleaning mishaps. 

Our Houston oil painting cleaner takes the grime off of the surface, removes the old varnish, in-paints, and re-varnishes your picture. Specific techniques for repairing torn, faded, and cracked paintings are utilized to restore your art back to its full glory.

If you want to liven your painting as well as your room, try lifeonthewall.net today.


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