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Oil Painting Restoration Services - Cleaning off of old and dark, yellowing varnish,re-varnishing, correcting of flaking paint problems, Stabilizing loose, cracking or chipping paint layer, repairing water damage, removing dirt and smoke damage, repairing old canvases that have holes, tears, scratches, peeling on the painting's surface, re-coloring over-cleaned fine art paintings, relining of unstable canvas, removing of creases, repairing of bubbling canvas, re-stretching of loose canvas, repairing of unskilled restorations,restoration of old oil paintings


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Fine Art Restorer, Maris Salmins, based in Houston has integrity, reputation, work ethic, and end product results that can be confirmed by individuals, collectors, dealers, and gallery owners from Florida to New York to Texas to California and beyond. Maris has a notable capacity, talent, and natural endowment for art mixed with a special creative and artistic aptitude which establishes his ability to restore your antique oil paintings and restoration of your not so old paintings.

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Maris is a very honest person both with respect to trustworthiness and especially with respect to his craft and art. He is painstaking in his work and has excellent color sense. He came to me on his own inquiry and was initially not contracted for services. On a second inquiry he was given a canvas with considerable problems, viz.,paint loss,holes,, dirty, etc. The work in all areas was most impressive. He has since been given many works to restore and each time the work is excellent. I strongly recommend Maris for painting restoration without any reservation.

If you haven't heard of Life on the Wall Fine Art Oil Painting Restoration and Conservation based in Houston serving the US and Canada...

you just haven't been listening!

New appeal, enhanced value and the issues could worsen.

Hiring Life on the Wall enables you to enjoy an unusually high profit margin.

Because every piece of work we receive has its own unique issues, we give individual quotes.

If your painting has a legible signature, we will help you find out more about the artist.

Painting Repair Houston! We know that trusting someone with your valued and/or treasured painting to be restored requires a large element of trust. We are more than open to giving you references. We have been doing fine art painting restoration and conservation in the Atlanta and Houston areas for years and probably have many more references than you may want. We must give you fair warning. Our clients love us and may rant about us more than you have time to listen when you call them. We can repair 99.9% of whatever age, smoke, a pet, angry spouse, movers, accidents, fires, unskilled restorers, etc. have caused issues with your paintings. Art restoration and antique painting restoration have been around for quite a while and so has Life on the Wall! You may view our older website at Give us a call or send us an email to set up an appointment or to arrange shipping your painting to us.

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Life on the Wall brings new life to fine art paintings for our clients' walls through restoration and conservation!